Member resources

Williams Lake First Nation members are encouraged to write to Council with any requests, questions or concerns.

Please submit to Council in writing to the Executive Assistant to the Chief & CAO:
Email: [email protected], in person at the Quigli office, or fax: 250-296-4750

Administration will evaluate the letter and provide a resolution based on department policy. If required, the CAO will forward any escalations to Chief and Council for information and further resolution.

Did you know that approximately 40% of fires are human-caused? Before burning, WLFN members are required to apply for a burn permit with the WLFN Lands Department (click here to download).

Always exercise caution when doing any outdoor burning. This means make sure you have the proper tools, and always check to make sure the conditions are safe (check for wind and the venting index). Consider conducting smaller burns, or wetting areas around the perimeter of the main fire site with a watering can or garden hose to make a fuel break. Never leave a fire unattended. For emergencies, call WLFN Law Enforcement Officer at 250.296.3507 EXT. 7, or dial 911. Once you’re finished, always ensure that the fire is completely extinguished. Use tools and water to wet and extinguish any smoldering ashes.

Registered WLFN Members (voted-on members) are now invited to submit their forms for their 2023 Christmas Bonus, and annual Community Trust distribution payments. To simplify things, members may use the same form to claim both payments at the same time. The 2023 one-time Christmas Bonus entitles each Registered WLFN Member age 18+ to $300. The 2023 Community Trust distribution entitles each Registered WLFN Member to $1,560.

WLFN Finance Department will be depositing these funds by direct deposit only (no cheques will be issued). Please fill out the submission form (below) completely, and attach a void cheque or a bank-printed direct deposit form. Handwritten deposit information will not be accepted. You may indicate on the form if WLFN already has your banking information on file. WLFN Elders turning 60 may now also submit for the one-time Elder Community Trust distribution payment of $25,000. Please submit the Elder payment form prior to your 60th birthday to receive a direct deposit on the Friday following your birthday. Deadline to submit this form and direct deposit information: November 24, 2023. Direct Deposit Dates: December 8, 15, or 22, 2023.
Email completed form to: [email protected]
or fax to: (250) 296-4750

Those interested in applying to become WLFN members must first reach out to WLFN Director of Member Services to obtain the correct application form for their circumstances. Each year, there is a community-wide vote, during which existing WLFN members cast their vote on the new applicants. If you are interested in becoming a WLFN member, reach out to Director of Member Services, Lisa Camille, to get the process started:

Office: 250.296.3507 ext. 103
Email: [email protected]

Are you In need of a CIS (Certificate of Indian Status) or SCIS (Secure Certificate of Indian Status)? WLFN now offers this service. Free to WLFN Members; $25 for Non-Members. 2 Pieces of ID will be required for appointment.
Please call Lisa Camille to book your appointment:
250.296.3507 Ext. 103