Message From The Chief

Welcome to the Williams Lake First Nation (WLFN) of the Secwepemc Nation. I hope you find the information on our website informative and inspiring.  

Our WLFN community is vibrant, proud and strong. Our Elders have given us knowledge and wisdom which continues to guide us on a path of prosperity, while being grounded in our traditions and culture. Historically we’ve relied heavily on hunting, trading and fishing to support our community, but today we’re finding the balance, as stewards of the land and contributors to the economy. Whether it’s leading by example or supporting our neighboring First Nations, we’re here promoting the territory, for the betterment of the territory.  

The success that we, the people of the Williams Lake First Nation enjoy today, is in recognition of the vision that our previous leaders and leadership groups have envisioned. It is said that “a true leader possesses vision and offers brighter hope for the future”. If this is the case, then I believe WLFN’s leadership has proven to be instrumental in our success, advancement and effectiveness.  

The legacy of the Williams Lake First Nation is something we want you to be a part of and we thank you for taking our virtual tour

 Chief Willie Sellars