We are T’exelcemc (Williams Lake Band people), members of the Secwepemc Nation

Leadership: chosen by our community

The Williams Lake First Nation has a custom election code that was most recently amended by resolution on April 9, 2018. This custom election code serves to represent the voting interests of all eligible registered WLFN members in electing a leadership Council. WLFN Council consists of six (6) members, including one (1) Chief and five (5) Councillors, each position serving a four (4) year term. For consistency in governance, elections are held every two (2) years, with three (3) elected positions to be considered by the membership during each election. 

The next scheduled election is August, 2024.

Williams Lake First Nation’s Council mandate includes the following general responsibilities:

  • To foster progress in the economic development, education, social and recreational life of the WLFN community. 
  • To encourage, promote, and enable WLFN customs and traditions. 
  • To uphold the Aboriginal rights of WLFN, including WLFN’s inherent right to self government. 
  • To develop policies, procedures, laws, and bylaws, as required, to adequately govern the WLFN community, and to become familiar with the existing policies, procedures, laws, bylaws, and other powers of Council, and to use those for the betterment of the WLFN community. 
  • To cooperate and liaise with the Members of the WLFN community, and advocate to all levels of government in matters relating to the interests of the WLFN. 
  • To encourage community participation in governance issues. 
  • To ensure that the needs of Members are met, including but not limited to social and education needs, through committed leadership and the efficient administration of programs and services within WLFN jurisdiction, including the administration of all budgets and financial transactions. Where appropriate, Council’s role may be to support, encourage and empower Members to address and meet their own needs. 
  • To represent the WLFN community at functions that extend beyond the community, including public speaking, media interviews and other events.

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Electoral Officer
Lisa Camille
[email protected]

Deputy Electoral Officer
Maggie Berns
[email protected]