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Frequently Asked Questions

You can contact Williams Lake First Nation to arrange a visit with Shawna Philbrick, the Employment Coordinator. Shawna will provide an assessment of your job search needs and advise on which services, programs, and workshops are available to you.

[email protected]

Office Phone: 250.296.3507 Ext. 135

Address: 2561 Quigli Drive, Williams Lake, BC, V2G 0B1

Aiding with:

  • One-on-one support and employment counseling
  • Referring individuals for training and education, as necessary.
  • Assisting First Nation individuals who are having difficulty entering and remaining in the workforce.

Our Services include:

  • Resume development
  • Cover letter development
  • Employment referrals
  • Interview techniques
  • Job Searches

At the WLFN Employment Services, we are here to listen to your enquiry and present you with the best job opportunities that match all your skills. We will connect you with variety of respected employers. We can help polish your resume, cover letter and job applications making you very attractive within the job market. We also offer a range of free resources such as career coaching, interview coaching, career advice to make you the best employable candidate.

Yes, we provide both.

WLFN uses an application, resume and cover letter driven process. All applicants are reviewed with recommendations by references that are provided. The funding approval authority is determined by the amount requested.

Our services are completely free.

You can find them on our webpage or on our Facebook Group.

Yes, you are more then welcome to submit your own resume to employers.

If the Employment Coordinator has the contact information, we are more than willing to submit that information for you.

  • Download a free template online (example: for Microsoft Word)
  • Use key resume words (examples: design, operation, reporting, strategy, customer service, safety, certification)
  • Make your resume header stand out
  • Use Action words (exp. accomplished, achieved, adapted, addressed, coordinated, created, enhanced, implemented, maintained, researched, trained)
  • Get your formatting right
  • Start with a strong objective or summary
  • Know when enough is enough
  • Tailor your resume to the job position
  • Save your resume as a PDF before emailing to an employer

Meeting with WLFN’s Employment Coordinator can assist with next steps on registering and finding proper funding avenues.

There are a couple of options that can be determine with the assistance of the EAS Worker:

  1. CCATEC – must be first nation/Inuit- unemployed, part-time, or losing your job if training is required.
  2. Trades & Training- must be a WLFN member.
  3. WLFN Education- must be a WLFN member and training must be over 4 months.

Shawna Philbrick, Employment Coordinator

[email protected]

250.296.3507 ext. 135

Land Guardian Certificate Program

Natural Resources Training Group
Course Date: Jan. 22, 2024
Location: Williams Lake, BC
Application Deadline: Jan. 12, 2024
Open to all First Nations residing in Williams Lake.

Course Description: NRTG’s Land Guardian Certificate Program (LGCP) is designed to meet the increasing demand for skilled guardians employed within communities, industry, non-profit organizations, or regional stakeholder groups. Graduates of this program can perform guardian roles, including observing, recording, and reporting results, information, and advice to industry stakeholders, government, and regulators. Participants learn practical skills and abilities in four core skill areas:

  • Safety and Fieldwork Logistics: Field safety, planning, data collection and management, navigation and orienteering, mensuration and reporting.
  • Environmental Monitoring: Construction site monitoring, spill response, erosion and sediment control, working with legislation, identification, protection and management of sensitive habitats & species.
  • Identification & Assessment of Environmental Features: Basic identification of significant fish, wildlife & vegetation species; introduction to species-at-risk, and rangeland, marine, riparian, and sensitive habitats.
  • Management: Technical writing, business correspondence, fish & wildlife management, project management and supervision.

Prerequisites: A standard one to two-day First Aid course is recommended, but not mandatory. Participants should be prepared for extensive field training.

Personal Equipment Requirements: Classroom Learning; computer, internet access, pen or pencils, notebook.

Field Supplies: Eslon Tape (30m), Suunto MC-2G Compass, Waterproof Field Book (we’d recommend a three-pack of the 301 FX) Weather appropriate clothing and footwear for hikes. Phone or tablet with a camera per student that can have applications downloaded onto it. Bag lunch and refreshments each day. Your own transportation.

Course Format: The Land Guardian Certificate Program is delivered over a combined 5 weeks. The LGCP includes online instruction and field assignments within your community!

How Do I Attend: To express interest or register, contact Shawna Philbrick: [email protected]

Build Your Portfolio

Not sure what to do after graduation? Grade 10, 11 & 12 WLFN Members, sign up for Youth Portfolio Building: a series of workshops and tours between January, 2024, and June 2024.

Learn about some rewarding career options, build your resume, and earn 4 credits towards high school graduation! This program gives a comprehensive introduction to careers like mill wright, truck driving, chef, and construction worker. By completing the course (with 120 hours of experience), you will also receive several bona-fide certifications that employers look for, including:

  • First Aid Level 1
  • Transportation Endorsement
  • Food Safe
  • Drivers License
  • …and more!

Please note that in addition to the above application form, a permission form must be signed and submitted by a guardian prior to the start of the course to ensure the student’s eligibility. Download the permission form right here, or pick it up from the WLFN Government Building: 2561 Quigli Drive, Williams Lake, BC. Signed permission forms can be sent to [email protected], or dropped off at the WLFN Government Building.

Forms and Applications

CCATEC – Participant Registration Form

CCATEC – Client Intake Form

WLFN Trades and Training Application

WLFN Facebook Group Page


For assistance developing resumes and cover letters, completing job applications, and applying for funding on your career and education journey, contact WLFN Employment Coordinator, Shawna. For even more training and employment opportunities, check our Facebook group (click link).

Coordinator, Employment
Shawna Philbrick
[email protected]
250.296.3507 ext. 135