Economic Development

We are T’exelcemc (Williams Lake Band people), members of the Secwepemc Nation

The WLFN Economic Development department office is located at:

315 Yorston Street, Williams Lake
Phone: (778) 417-0190

The Economic Development department is responsible for reviewing, responding, and managing economic development opportunities within the Williams Lake First Nations Stewardship area. This is completed through many avenues such as referrals, participation agreements, protocols, and larger NStQ wide Yecweminul’ecw Agreement.

  • Economic Development opportunities can be generated through Natural Resource development which includes forestry, range, mining, water, wildlife, fisheries, etc.
  • Review and provides recommendations to Council in regards to Economic Development.
  • Building and maintaining T’exelc and NStQ knowledge and capacity
  • Works with Industry, Government and Private sector to seek or enhance or economic opportunities.
  • Work with all of the WLFN team and corporations to provide revenue, employment, training and mentorship to our community members.
  • Engages with all the NStQ communities seeking opportunities within the NStQ Stewardship area.

The Williams Lake First Nation (WLFN) is actively working to maintain a positive economic environment and to encourage investment in WLFN lands and the regional generally. WLFN works on economic development initiatives with other governments (local, provincial and federal) and various private enterprise partners.

To explore economic development opportunities with WLFN, please contact the following:

WLFN Economic Development Personnel

Director of Legal and Corporate Services
Kirk Dressler
[email protected]

Project Manager
Daniel Penny
(778) 417-0190
[email protected]

Business Operations

WLFN enterprises currently include UNITY Cannabis, Sugar Cane Cannabis, Sugar Cane Petroleum Products, Sugar Cane Archaeology, Chief Willyum Campsite, Coyote Rock Real Estate Development, Coyote Rock Golf Course, and Borland Creek Logging.

Additional information on WLFN-owned enterprises can be found here.