We are T’exelcemc (Williams Lake Nation people), members of the Secwépemc Nation

Here are some common words and phrases in Secwepemctsín (the Secwépemc language). The list below includes spelling and pronunciation that is specific to the Northern Secwepemctsín dialect, used in areas like T’exelc, Xatśūll, Tsq’escen’, and Stswecem’c Xget’tem. Spellings and pronunciations are often a little different than in the Southern Secwépemc centres like Tk’emlúps.


Kenkéknem – Bear
Selcwéycen – Caribou
Spel̓qwéqs – Eagle
Spyu7 – Bird
Tcets̓ – Elk
Teníye – Moose
Ts̓i7 – Deer


Cmetem’ – Deep Creek
Esk’et – Alkali Lake
NeSextsine – Flatrock
Secwepemcúl’ecw – Land of the Shuswap
Stswecem’c – Canoe Creek
T’exelc – Sugarcane
T’exelcmc – People of Sugarcane
Tsq’escen – Canim Lake
Xatśūll – Soda Creek
Xget’tem – Dog Creek


Kéwku – Sage
Punllp – Juniper
Sekwéw̓ – Rosehips
Sxúsem – Soopolallie (soap berries)
T̓.sellp – White Spruce
Tsq̓ellp – Douglas Fir

Secwépemc Prayer

Secwépemc Prayer (full)
‘We thank you, Creator for giving us everything that we need.’
‘Help us to be strong’

Secwépemc Lullaby

Secwépemc Lullaby