Member Notice

Pet Safety in the Community

The safety of WLFN members and their pets is top priority for WLFN Law Enforcement. The impacts of dogs off-leash in the community can range from a minor inconvenience to a real danger for people and the environment. Recently, community members have reported dogs travelling through the community unleashed. Most concerning, there have been several complaints about dogs near Little Chiefs Primary School and Daycare. Please be advised that our land code states the following:

14.2 No owner of a dog shall permit or allow their dog to:

  • Trespass on private property,
  • Be on private land where the dog is not contained either by a fence and gate; a tether; an enclosure or other effective containment mechanism unless the dog is under the immediate control of a competent person; or
  • Be in a public place unless the dog is kept on a leash or tether not exceeding three meters (appx 10 feet) in length.

Find this helpful list of safety tips for pet owners, as you enjoy the outdoors with your pet (click link).

For more information, please contact:

Aaron Hutchinson, CAPM.
Law Enforcement Officer
Phone: 250.302.3848
Email: [email protected]